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Wallpapers: A Loyal Ally Of Interior Designing In This Era

Wallpapers have long adorned the walls of most of our grandparentsâ home. Those wallpaper borders had colours and design that only grandmotherâs liked. Wallpapers have come a long way from those limited designs to a stylish, sleek and upgraded version we see today. Wallpapers can make any walls look captivating. Nowadays, wallpapers are not limited to walls alone. These are being used on ceilings, as art forms and many other applications. Modern wallpapers have grown to be an integral part of interior designing. Today, several types, textures and designs of wallpapers are available. Wallpapers can instantaneously display a sense of personality and style and in turn have an impact on how we feel.

The types of wallpapers

Several types of wallpapers are out there. Selecting the best can be tiresome work. Therefore to ease the strain, here is a list of popular wallpapers:

⢠Vinyl: This wallpaper is made of paper layer topped with the printed vinyl film. This material is water, vapour resistant, and can be cleaned easily. Therefore, this wallpaper is best to consider for bathrooms or kitchen as it is a great alternative for tiling and is cheaper. It can be used as a combination with tiling to get a contrasting texture. These also come in the form of brick wallpaper, which fake the original brick design.
⢠Paste the wall/ Non-woven: These wallpapers are becoming highly popular nowadays. Its added advantage over some wallpaper is that it is breathable. This character helps in eliminating moulds and mildew formations. These wallpapers are washable making it a good choice for the kitchen. These come in a variety of types such as designer wallpaper and floral wallpaper. Floral wallpapers are widely used as it enhances the artistic beauty of the rooms.
Non-woven wallpapers are easy to apply and have âpaste the wallâ feature, which means it does not expand on getting wet. These are also very easy to remove and come off as a single piece. That is mainly because it is made of natural and synthetic fibres, which add to its tear-resistant character.
⢠Glasscloth: This designer wallpaper falls on the expensive style. Nevertheless, it is a safe bet for those looking for fresh looks apart from patterns and colours. These are perfect to create depth and interest to a room. These are also highly durable and have a long life, which can withstand daily wear and tears.
⢠Anaglypta: Deriving its name from the Greek word Ana (meaning raised) and Glypta (meaning cameo), these wallpapers are back again from the Victorian era. This was the first washable wallpaper with durable decorative designs. These are suitable for hallways as its durability helps in reinforcing walls and hiding the imperfections.
⢠Flock: These are the oldest wallpapers. It was originally designed to mimic velvet hangings in the early 17th century. It was a symbol of luxury used by the wealthy and adorned the wall of pubs and restaurants.

These are available as black and white wallpaper and in other contrasting colours. Flock wallpapers help in absorbing sound and making bold statements. These wallpapers are for those who seek a luxury feel.