Interior Design

Why Interior Designers Use Floor Plan Software When They Create Designs

The software enables the interior designer to measure the room and adjust the furnishings and the built-in furnishings to fit the room better. They can easily go with a specific look for bedroom design for example, and see how the room will look when it's complete.

They can readily add and remove furnishings, test out colour schemes and focus on window treatments to see how the room will turn out when it's complete.

Interior Design

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Window Shutters

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Keep em clean

One of the best bits of advice on the upkeep of your blinds is to try to keep them as clean as possible. Allowing dirt and dust to settle on them is only going to damage the integrity of the wood. Prolonged periods of time under dirt and dust is going to make them that much harder to clean, with things getting stuck due to moisture in the air etc.