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Ten Questions To Ask Before Buying Bedroom Furniture

Whether youre replacing your bedroom furniture or buying new one, the whole idea of equipping a bedroom must be thought out as carefully as possible. Take a look at our quick guide of the most important questions to be answered when outfitting your bedroom.

1 How much should I spend?

Never buy furniture on a run. It is supposed to serve you for years and re-buying is out of the question. Make a budget and stick to it as much as possible. Break down your spending into three categories: Money for the bedroom furniture you will buy first, monthly savings for another big purchase and amount you will use eventually for some details.

2 How much space can I use?

Regardless of many apps available for measuring space do it manually with a tape measure since its the safest way. Start with the points of entry such as entries, passages and the front door of your bedroom. Measure its height and width and also diagonally inside the door frames. Do the same with the walls. In the end, get the windows measures as well as that of the power outlets and light fixtures.

3 What storage space is available?

The bedroom is most often the room with the highest need for maximum storage. Bedroom furniture like wardrobes, cupboards, and closets meet this need, but often you need some extra space. Deciding on how much storage space you already have helps you determine how much of it you will need to add when buying new dressers, chests or armoires.

4 How satisfactory is the quality?

When buying your bedroom furniture, you want it to be crossed off your checklist for a long while. Since it is a long term investment you should spend a fair amount of time looking at testimonials and reviews referring to its quality. Also, ask a company for a quality guarantee and warranty.

5 Does the company offer a delivery service?

If you dont have a truck of your own you will probably rely on a companys delivery team. Most companies charge a shipping fee, so include that in the budget too. Check with a supplier if your bedroom furniture is assembled upon delivery.

6 What items are the most important?

If you are setting up your bedroom furniture from a scratch your must-have new items will make quite a long list. At first include only essentials, the ones that cant wait, like your bed and then prioritize items thinking about their function first. This list should also include dressers, chests or armoires.

7 What items can you buy later?

Since youve bought basic bedroom furniture items work out which pieces on your list can wait for some time. Also, think of the ways you can replace some items you dont have money to buy right now.

8 What about the style?

If you are not outfitting your bedroom from a scratch but just replacing some pieces you should take style into consideration. Its not so important that it matches up with all the pieces but with the bedrooms layout.

9 Needing or wanting?

At the top of your bedroom furniture checklist should be the things that you need, like your bed, not the ones that you want, like decorative items. Wait till the end of your first big purchase to see if there is any extra cash left so that you can buy wanted items. This checklist will help you to stick to your budget and continue prioritizing your goals.

10 Does bedroom furniture have matching pieces?

Things change, and there may come a time in the future when you will need an extra piece of furniture or you will move to a bigger home and want to add some furnishings. It is best to be sure in advance that the items you buy are part of an ensemble that can be added to, or that matches up the existing set. It will help you select the bedroom furniture that works now as well as in the future.