Working With An Arborist Can Save You Time And Money

Healthy well-kept trees are one of the most essential components of any landscape. Mature shade or evergreen trees beautify the community and supply shelter for wildlife, however they have financial benefits, too. Trees have a positive influence on property values; they assist to improve air quality, lower storm water runoff and aid in energy savings.


Correct tree care is not a DIY task or work for somebody without the training and knowledge to safely deal with and work around trees. Tree work can be hazardous and not all tree care workers are trained with the right knowledge to do the work. Injuries can and do occur when employees aren’t equipped with the correct security gear or if they do not know how to securely utilize ladders, chain saws, stump grinders, wood chippers, and aerial lifts.

It also takes a qualified eye to find potential hazards before beginning work. This is crucial evaluation that prevents irreversible damage to the tree, as well as damage (and potential lawsuits) from trees and branches falling where they should not be falling.

While security (of you, your property, and your trees) is not the only reason that it is essential to employ a certified tree professional, it needs to be a primary factor during your planning stage.

The fact of the matter is a certified arborist is genuinely a tree professional and can make a substantial difference in the success of a job when it’s time to plant, prune, treat or get rid of the trees around your home.


The very first question you need to ask prior to hiring any landscape company for tree care is whether there is at least one ISA Certified Arborist on staff. An arborist is someone with unique tree care knowledge and training. A Certified Arborist, particularly one certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), always follows the very best industry practices for tree care.

To become certified, arborists are required to have a combination of tree care knowledge and experience. They also have to pass a written test that shows their sophisticated training and professional skills. In addition, certified arborists abide by a code of ethics that ensures they will adhere themselves according to relevant laws, guidelines and professional tree care requirements.

A certified arborist will be able to inform you what kind of pruning your trees require to keep them healthy and looking good. They can supply preventive maintenance when it pertains to insects, bugs, and tree illness. If a tree is in bad health, a certified arborist will have the ability to assist you in your decision in whether tree should be eliminated or not. If the tree is to be eliminated, the arborist can prepare for its safe removal without causing any residential or commercial property damage.


In addition to requesting for the arborist’s qualifications (you can verify their credentials through the ISA website), here are other questions to ask prior to employing anyone to work on your trees:

– Are you licensed by the state and/or the city?
– What unique training have you received?
– Do you have verifiable evidence of insurance covering personal and residence damage?
– What unique equipment do you plan to utilize?
– Is the team equipped with correct security equipment?
– How much time will the work take?
– Do you supply an in-depth written estimate and a contract for services?
– Do you have recent positive reviews from other homeowners and clients?

Since your trees do so much for you, it’s just right for you to provide the very best care possible by employing a certified arborist to assist you with their care. In Sacramento, CA companies like Tree Service Pro Sacramento has many great reviews from previous customers. With more than 25 years of experience, this company guarantees a certified arborist to manage each job to ensure a successful outcome.