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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Window Shutters

In some cases, window shutters may be quite expensive, in others they could just be a feature of your house that has become like family. Whatever your reasoning it is very sensible to try to prolong the life of your window shutters for as long as possible. Because lets face it, we want to keep those beauties up at your window for as long as possible. So, lets have a look at how you can go about prolonging the life of your window shutters.

First things first

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Keep em clean

One of the best bits of advice on the upkeep of your blinds is to try to keep them as clean as possible. Allowing dirt and dust to settle on them is only going to damage the integrity of the wood. Prolonged periods of time under dirt and dust is going to make them that much harder to clean, with things getting stuck due to moisture in the air etc. If that is the case it is likely that you will have to scrub the slats quite hard resulting in scratching and a duller finish to the wood.

The list below indicates how to properly clean your wooden blinds, for them to last as long as possible.

Wipe down with a clean dry cloth – The best way to start off your shutter cleaning regime is to wipe down the shutters with a clean dry cloth. This removes any dust particles and dirt that may be resting on them beforehand. Doing this just makes the next steps much easier and less messy!
Use a macrofibre cloth or damp cloth to wipe down next – Once all the dust has been removed the next step is to use a microfibers cloth, and a light polish to clean the blinds. You can use a damp cloth and then dry down and polish but it is recommended that the least amount of water is used if possible. Water and soap have the tendency to make the wood warp, and so after time would only decrease the life of your shutters rather than help to increase them.
Use and toothbrush and polish – This is for those harder to reach places, like tight corners where dust may settle but your fingers and the cloth are unable to reach.

Keep em Dry

As previously mentioned wooden shutters are very prone to water and warping, so if you can keep them as dry as possible this will help to prolong their life. Once the warping begins it all goes down from there, because once wood has been warped it cannot be un-warped. It is an irreversible process like frying an egg. After this the finish will crack or deteriorate and it wont be long before you will need to get a new set of blinds.

Keeping them clean and dry seem like easy steps in maintaining the integrity of your blinds and they are. Follow those two and hopefully your blinds will have a long and healthy life.