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Overview Of Plastering Tools

Home improvement projects are made better when the right tools are used. Professionals and DIYers alike need the right tools on hand for any project. When it comes to drywall, wall paper, paint or plaster, the most important tools are the trowel, hawk, jointing knife, spatula, mixing tubs and a step ladder.

A trowel will allow the plaster or paint to be smoothed over once it has been applied to the desired surface. The flat end of the trowel lets the substance become smooth and even. When applying wallpaper, it must be smoothed over with a trowel to eliminate bubbles. Plastering jobs are impossible to do without a quality trowel.

They come in a variety of sizes from minis to premiums to pipe trowels. The best quality tools are made with aluminium and stainless steel. The blades are rounded and bevelled for greater control of the material being applied.

A hawk is another essential tool for plastering. Also called a hand board, the hawk is excellent for moving plaster or paint up a step ladder to apply higher areas on the wall. Instead of having to go up and down a step ladder for a fresh application of paint or plaster, the hawk’s flat aluminium or stainless steel surface will hold things in place. Quality hawks have ergonomic handles so holding them steady is easy and comfortable.

The jointing knife helps you get into window sills, corners or other tight areas. You can leave just the right amount of paint or plaster there so that your work is precise. A lower-end joint knife is good for a professional who needs the tool for a one-off job, and it is also good for the homeowner. Higher quality joint knives are made with more durable carbon steel blades and are better for multiple uses.

A spatula is the plastering tool to add the finishing touches to a job. Good spatulas have a solid build with the handle being secured to the spatula with bolts. Use them for smoothing wall or ceiling coatings.

Any professional will have the ideal step ladder with them on every job. The best stepladders have a shelf at the top of the ladder. This allows you to have your plastering tools nearby to get your work done without many interruptions.

These are the essential tools you will need for any home improvement plastering project. DIY enthusiasts need the same tools as the professionals use. The quality can be less than professional grade if the job is a one-time project. There are plenty of affordable plastering tools for DIYers while there are high-quality tools made to last for years and stand up to everyday use by professionals.

The right tools will help make the project turn out great. Buying the right tools is easy because of the wide selection of items available for professionals online and the selection available at home improvement retailers for DIY enthusiasts. You may be an amateur but if you have the same tools as the professionals do you can achieve professional results.