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Differences Between Modern And Contemporary Bed Frames

The biggest bed frames available that provide couples with enough room to sleep together comfortably are King Size bed frames. Similarly to Queen Size, these come in three distinct styles:


A fairly self-explanatory name, a split King Size bed frame is one that can be split in two to form two separate beds. This is ideal for the master bedroom where couples need separate beds or for guests.

If you are above the average height and have difficulty finding a suitably sized bed, a California King Size may be what you need. This is 72 by 84 inches and there are mattresses made to fit this type of bed frame size, along with the comforters and sheets. A standard king size, often referred to as the eastern king and measures 76 by 80 inches. It is the most common style available and is longer and wider than a queen frame.

Although the terms contemporary and modern are used interchangeably when discussing furniture. Often though, modern concerns a school of design, while contemporary describes a period of time. However, when it comes to practical terms, a contemporary and modern bed frame could have the same uncluttered, simple and clean design.

Modern furniture for bedrooms are usually made from high quality materials with designs ranging from simple to elegant. There are models available for all budgets, from someone with an average wage to someone who is paid highly and looking for a unique décor style for their bedroom. Having said that, I recently bought a faux leather bed that looks great, but was not expensive. You can find more faux leather beds here.
When trying to choose from the various modern bed frame styles available, you should pay close attention to the available space and aesthetic value. Since modern furniture for bedrooms they often are designed ergonomically with space-saving in mind.

Space-saving including headboard bookshelves small drawers on wheels that side under beds or platform-style beds that have a covered base that opens up into shelving. This means if space is an issue, you can store away items such as towels, winter clothing and linen underneath your bed, eliminating the need for extra shelving and storage. This can mean the extra floor space could be used for a vanity, writing desk or a comfortable chair to read on.

Contemporary bed frames with a canopy-style can be modified to better suit modern needs. They are often available in a range of different metals and woods. With wooden frames made from pine, oak or a combination, and metal frames made from wrought or cast iron in various colours such as white or black and bright vibrant pinks.

Leather is a popular material used with modern bedding. Canopies and platforms can both accommodate leather. This fabric is very natural and can feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also easy to maintain, very sophisticated and soft on the skin. This is why it is a popular choice for people looking for bedroom furniture with a modern look and feel.

Just be sure to choose a more comfortable futon mattress as opposed to a bulky box spring-type. Leather bed frames come in various shades such as white, chocolate brown, cream and black etc. It will not be hard to find a bed and mattress that matches the rest of your modern décor. Cleaning leather is relatively simple too, just remove the dust with a hoover and then use a wet cloth to tackle grime and stains.