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Can I Use My Homeowners Insurance To Pay For Replacement Windows?


Window replacement sounds easier to be done when you first hear it, but when the time comes to calculate the cost of replacing it then only you can feel the difference between what you assumed and what actually it is. There is a high chance that you would do the insurance of your house and that it would also cover the replacement of your windows, but there are a number of technicalities in the homeowner insurance that you need to understand before you can claim it.

Cause Of The Breakage:

If the window is broken down due to any natural disaster such as a storm, hailstorm or a minute earthquake then you can claim the insurance for the replacement of the window under your homeowners insurance and it would hold the insurance company liable to pay for your loss. However, if you get your window broken internally lets suppose some vase topples from the table on it and breaks it in this case you will be held accountable for the damage as this is something caused internally so you cant claim your insurance to pay for your loss, as the policy claims that you must be aware of the situations around your house and must be able to react accordingly and if you dont then its considered as your negligence and doesnt bound the insurer to pay for your loss.

The Element Of Deductibles:

This is an important part to understand. The deductible is the amount that the policy holder has to pay from his own pocket to the insurer. It serves as a threshold for the policy holder. For e.g., If the window is damaged and the cost of its replacement is $800, but the deductible is $1200 then in this case the policy holder doesnt get the insurance as his loss is lesser than the deductible and hence, he needs to pay the loss through his own pocket. If you file up a case against your insurer for this particular reason the claim can come against you and you will then have to pay amount more than what you could have done by just replacing the window through your own expense.

All Risk Policy:

The policy suggests that it would cover for the cost of replacing the window if the window was damaged due to any of the reasons listed inside that particular policy. All the causes are listed prior to the agreement on which the policy holder and maker mutually agree. If it however does exclude any reason due to which the damage was caused then the policy holder cannot claim for the replacement. For e.g. it stated that the cost of the window replacement would be paid by the company if it is broken down due to any incident excluding falling of debris of your neighbours building. If the damage is done because your neighbours house was being repaired and a brick fell on it so for this the company isnt bound to pay you.