Benefits Of Using Microfiber Mops To Clean Your Floors

Floors are considered one of the dirtiest areas in your home. Since it is the most frequent touchpoint of people coming in and outside your house, there is a big chance that germs will grow and multiply on floors. If floors are not cleaned regularly, the chances of getting ill due to bacteria and germs are high. It is a must that the floors are cleaned regularly. Mopping the floor regularly should be part of your household routine but doing so entails more time and effort. Fortunately, the use of microfiber mops is getting popular nowadays.

A microfiber mop is considered an innovative tool in the cleaning industry because it is versatile and cost-effective. The best way to clean and make our floors safe from illness-causing bacteria is to use a microfiber mop. It gathers more dirt than the usual standard mops.

How does a microfiber mop work? Microfiber mops are made of microfibers that are 200 times thinner than human hairs. When these microfibers are tightly woven together, they are so closely knitted that they collect dirt and debris like no other cloth can. Microfibers can easily attract particles because of their static attributes. Microfiber mops can quickly sweep the floor and can even get to difficult areas to reach. With the pads attached to its body, this kind of mop can easily be turned and will not require the users to put so much effort.

Using microfiber mops doesnt require you to bring a bucket of water for cleaning. You can just bring a water spray bottle for the pads and it will already be enough to get the job done. It is lightweight which means that there is a low rate of injury when using these mops on the floor. Injuries brought by slipping and falling on nearly wet floors will also be avoided.

Microfiber mops vs. traditional mops
Unlike the traditional cotton mop, microfiber mops are more versatile because they can be used both on dry and wet floors. Dust particles can easily cling to microfibers and liquid can be absorbed using the pads. This shows that microfiber mops are all-around tools at home.
The rectangular pad in microfiber mops is wider compared to the traditional ones. The wider pad allows wider floor space to be covered. This can save your time in cleaning the floor.

What do studies show in using microfiber mops? A study was conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The study shows that microfibers can remove 98 percent of bacteria and viruses from a surface by just using water alone. This only proves that microfibers are effective in cleaning compared to the standard mops. Your health is your top priority. You must make sure that your home floor is cleaned. Thanks to the cleaning powers of microfiber mops like these found on, you can now easily prevent the spread of germs.